By being very prompt, even with the snowy weather. Was very knowledeable and informative.

by Me and Mom's Doggy Shop

Jon didn't make us feel like idiots and he ran us through all options. Very good guy.

by SR Brewing

Jon Lee provided me with an professional computer that would be used mostly for business, but some use for personal. He provided me with the perfect system, was incredibly fast at getting the new computer to me, even though he had to transfer all my data and provide me with a computer that was the complete mirror image of the system that had died on me. As well, he amazingly stayed within my $1,000.00 budget and I couldn’t be happier. His follow-up to ensure that I was enjoying my new system was fabulous as well. If you are in need of any computer services or in buying a new system, setting up a network, ANYTHING to do with computers, I am honoured to provide my personal and business reference for Jon. Thank you again Jon for your superb service to me, personally and for our business too!

by Dorothy Gidlof Price Smart Realty

Happy to Jon! We have used Jon’s services several times over the past 3 months as we installed new hardware and re-configured our existing systems. He also handled our relocation including all new wired and wireless systems. Additionally, Jon was able to completely recover to crashed hard-drives thereby saving countless hours of work! We highly recommend Jon for his work and we will continue to use his services..

by Thelma and Ian Whiting

Jon Lee has helped me many times over the last 3 or 4 years with my computer problems and upgrades (professional and personal computer issues). He has resolved many small, and several completely debilitating, computer problems for me. When I needed to replace my computer he advised me on what to look for to meet the requirements of the drawing software I use in my work. He always responds to our calls quickly, and addresses the problem calmly and in a completely professional manner. He’s a very competent, nice guy to have around and his rates are very reasonable. I would not hesitate to recommend him.

by Diane Moorhouse Interior Decorator SunHouse Designs

Mr. Lee was pleasant, prompt, efficient, explained things and got the job done without delay. This is a home office. I had been having trouble with my computer and internet connection (Telus) for a week. I had spent many hours on the phone with Telus trying to correct the problems, but without lasting success. I REALLY had to get the problems solved and get back to work. Thank goodness for Jon!

by Diane Moorhouse Interior Decorator SunHouse Designs

Jon Lee has done some unique computer upgrades for our company which included tethering of android and windows devices etc. We found his work good and he cares. (a rare commodity today)

by Robert for Regius

Jon Lee has done some unique computer upgrades for our company which included tethering of android and windows devices etc. We found his work good and he cares. (a rare commodity today)

by Jo Ann MacKenzie

For me, it was so customer oriented. Jon worked with my time schedule. He called when he said he'd call and I found the whole process so easy. There was no disappointment at all. Jon was very polite and patient with me. My computer is worked better than it has for months. I will happily recommend you to others.

by Diane Warfield

Jon was very pleasant and cordial. Understanding of my lack of computer knowledge and I felt well informed by the time he left. The quick response on short notice was great!

by Jill Carnaham

Jon was patient, thorough and explained well when answering my questions. He also dealt well with Dell when there was a question about the malfunctioning CD/DVD drive. He was also very flexible in accommodating appointment times.

by Robin Goodchild

Jon Lee was very knowledgeable and fixed my computer great. He was very nice.

by Kati Jenson

Jon is a very competent, pleasant and helpful tech.

by Patricia McFarland